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Rainbow Six Siege Pro League season 7 is now underway

Published: 22:21, 12 March 2018
Promotional image of Rainbow Six Siege showing six of the game's operators - Smoke, Ash, Mute, Sledge, Castle and Twitch
Rainbow Six Siege - The free squad

Season 6 of the professional Rainbow Six Siege scene concluded with the record breaking Six Invitational 2018. After a brief pre-season period, professional play is kicking off today with season 7 of Pro League.

Ubisoft have announced that Rainbow Six Pro League Season 7 will begin today in all four territories: Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America. The first region starting the Pro League Season 7 is North America, with tonight's matches between Evil Geniuses and Ronin, who were previously known as Onslaught.

Next in line are Asia-Pacific when Japan, Korea, Australia-New Zealand and South-East Asia's local championships kick off. Latin America will start their season on Wednesday with the clash of Brazilian teams - Black Dragons and Red Canids, formerly known as MyP e-Sports. 

Ubisoft A lot of operators from Rainbow Six Siege in a promotional picture for Pro League. Rainbow Six Siege

The first week's conclusion will conclude with Europe's face-off between the reigning world champions PENTA Sports against Vitality. This is the same match that kicked off the Six Invitational 2018.

It is noteworthy that this is the last season that will follow the three month format and Season 8 will be held in the new six month format that was announced back in January 2018. Season 7 is set to finish in May 2018, and Season 8 will start in June, ending in November 2018.

Ubisoft Promotional poster for Six Invitational 2018. Rainbow Six Siege - Six Invitational 2018

Each year will now consist of two six-month-long seasons instead of the previously four seasons consisting of three months each. Considering the Six Invitational 2018's success, it is to be expected the prize pool will grow for the next world championship.

By comparison, the Six Invitational 2017's prize pool was five times lower, consisting of £71.900 or $100.000 USD. It is not as big of a leap as for example League of Legends made between Season 1 and Season 2 championships but it is a big step to securing Rainbow Six Siege's eSport future nonetheless.

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