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Rainbow Six Siege patch nerfs Ballistic Shield, buffs Glaz

Published: 17:47, 22 July 2019
Picture of Fuze from Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege - Fuze is the only operator capable of breaking (pretty much) everything in Rainbow Six Siege.

After some initial testing on Rainbow Six Siege test servers, Ubisoft have today released a patch that buffs Glaz and nerfs Ballistic Shield operators. The patch is live on the PC platform and will also arrive to consoles on 24 July 2019.

A few days ago, Ubisoft revealed that a couple of major balancing changes are being tested on the Rainbow Six Siege test server. A nerf to Ballistic Shield and buff to Glaz were the most notable changes. The devs said that these tweaks are for testing purposes only and do not have any guaranteed impact on the live-servers but today, the developer have introduced a patch on the PC platform, with these balancing changes.

As announced, the Balistic Shield has seen a major nerf - performing a melee attack with the shield equipped will now only injure and down the opponent, instead of killing them. This change will impact Blitz, Fuze, Montagne and Recruit.

Ever since the introduction of the thermal scope change, Glaz has been one of the most useless operators. With the latest update, Ubisoft want to bring back the glory to the Russian sharpshooter. "Glaz has been feeling a bit left out so we gave him some incentive to join the party," the devs wrote. Here is the rundown of the balancing tweaks on Glaz:

  • Reduced time it takes to trigger the vision penalty when moving or rotating, lowering the overall vision penalty when moving.
  • Movement time before complete vision is lost is now 6 seconds, up from 2.5 seconds.
  • The speed at which the vision penalty is applied when rotating has also been slowed down.

The patch also brings some tweaks to Echo, Jackal, Maverick and Nokk. Echo's Yokai Sonic Burst disorientating effect duration has been reduced from 10 to 7 seconds while Maverick's beaching torch sounds will now be easier to hear when Maverick is making a hole close to you.

Jackal will now have 4 pings from a scan while the tracking time has also been reduced by 4 seconds. Nokk's ability duration has been increased to 12 seconds and his refill timer is also set to 12 seconds.

Ubisoft An artist sniper posing for a portrait. Maybe he painted it himself. Glaz, Rainbow Six Siege

There's also a couple of gameplay updates in the latest patch, and you can read about that in detail on .

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