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Latest Rainbow Six Siege patch brings fixes, no balance changes

Published: 14:26, 10 July 2019
Picture of Clash, a new operator in Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege - Clash

Ubisoft revealed the latest Rainbow Six Siege patch notes that contain no balance changes. On the other hand, there are plenty of fixes and an adjustment to the Reverse Friendly Fire system. Clash and deployable shields were re-enabled.

Rainbow Six Siege's latest patch didn't include a balancing pass but Ubisoft mentioned reinstating Clash and the deployable shields, both of which were disabled due to a bug that was present. They are still monitoring if the fix did its job.

The update is, however, filled to the brim with fixes and Echo seems to be in the epicentre. His drone will no longer stay magically attached to a hatch that was destroyed later on.

The other change was not tied only to Echo though - Lesion's Gu Mines are now updated to match Echo's cloaking mechanic in order not to be detectable through ballistic shields. Therefore, neither gadget will be detectable through damaged ballistic shields which was the case previously.

Warden's glasses are cool but they were never meant to enlarge UI after placing reinforcements, deployable shields or using ladders so this was fixed too.

Players would get kicked for placing the hostage in DBNO (Down But Not Out) state during the preparation phase but this has been fixed with the update.

Speaking of bullying hostages, RFF (Reverse Friendly Fire) has also been updated. Ubisoft didn't go into specific details here though, only stating that the hostage related RFF rules were adjusted so they are more in line with those when shooting teammates. 

Griefers are definitely a bad thing everywhere they pop up but you have got to give the ones in Rainbow Six Siege credit for creativity. Spamming special characters in All Chat used to make the game freeze for other players. Who, how, when or why anyone thought of it remains a mystery but Ubisoft put an end to the exploit.

Ubisoft Promotional image for Nøkk, a new operator in Rainbow Six Siege Rainbow Six Siege - Nøkk

A total of 12 maps received a pile of bug fixes so players should really go over the changes in order to verify whether their favourite exploits are still available or if they are gone. You can check the on the official blog post.

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