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Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak face reveals, cutscenes and gameplay

Published: 22:28, 19 February 2018
Three counter terrorism operators approaching a bioweapon.
Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak

Ubisoft is determined to keep Rainbow Six Siege fresh, to the point of adding a whole new game mode in co-op format for a four week long event. Outbreak also aims to create more character depth for the existing operators seen through cinematics.

Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak is finally giving character to what some players referred to as "personified loadouts" because in most cases we don't even see the operators' faces, let alone their personalities in action. 

Outbreak's cutscenes changed that right off the bat where you can see Jäger piloting a helicopter, Ash's ability to coordinate the teams in the field while having the weight of a nuclear solution on her shoulders, people poking fun at Tachanka's machine gun and Doc's humanitarian and empathic traits that were trapped under his balaclava up until .

Ubisoft Face reveal for Doc, one of Rainbow Six Siege operatives in a rather dark ambient. Rainbow Six Siege Doc

Concerning the upcoming co-op modes, we already wrote a tentative article containing for Outbreak based on limited information at the time. With actual gameplay footage from the last weekend, it may be time to update the facts. 

In the squad limited to three people, Glaz could be the one to get you silently through groups of Grunts that are completely harmless until they notice you aggravating them. In close quarters his usefulness is questionable unless you're great with short range headshots in the chaos that a horde of sprinting zombies will spring. This is where a high caliber machine gun will shine.

Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege Tachanka Rainbow Six Siege Tachanka

The caption in the picture above is not wrong. Tachanka's portable machine gun will have boosted ammo reserve in the event and considering there will be many instances of ''clear this area of the infected'' objectives, you may choose to to Lord 'Chanka for salvation.

Ubisoft has already noted that operators available for this event will be chosen based on their usefulness for these scenarios but seem to be exceedingly well suited for the event as well. There are now abundant videos on YouTube as well, where you can see benefits of different operators for yourself.

There have also been several face reveals for some of our favourite operators that you can check in our gallery.

Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Rainbow Six Siege

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