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Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak zombie alien abilities and behaviours

Published: 19:11, 12 February 2018
Three counter terrorism operators approaching a bioweapon.
Rainbow Six Siege Outbreak

Having released another trailer for the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege co-op event dubbed Outbreak, Ubisoft proceeded to shed more light on the enemy types Rainbow's operatives will encounter.

Hostile alien/zombie enemy origin is still shrouded in mystery, as uncovering more info about the outbreak appears to be Rainbow's motivation for deploying troops to the infected area of Truth or Consequences. That is the actual name of a small town in New Mexico.

There will be at least five different types of enemies during the event. One of the most common will be Grunts, your standard cannon fodder type that will be able to reinforce its body for high bullet resistance. Silent takedowns are advised but you could also take the highest resistance approach with Tachanka's machine gun ability.

Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege Tachanka Rainbow Six Siege Tachanka

Aside from bullet sponges, the Infected will also have suicide bombers named Breachers. They will be agile monsters looking to jump in and do the most AoE damage they can. No bullet resistance has been mentioned so Glaz should make quick work of them, especially because they will explode on death so long distance is recommended. 

Enemies will feature crowd control units as well, branded Rooters who will shoot out spikes trying to ensnare and wound your operators. Since Ubisoft decided not to include shields in the ''most suited for these operations'' roster you will likely have to rely on smoke grenades to block their field of view and hope they configured AI to react to it. Once again, Glaz should prove to be your golden goose.

Ubisoft An artist sniper posing for a portrait. Maybe he painted it himself. Glaz, Rainbow Six Siege

Smashers will be the tanky enemy type. Said to be nearly impervious to bullet wounds and able to wreck walls easily, they are nearly obliged to have a weak spot mechanic. Having a light operator in your team could prove beneficial in order to flank them and exploit their weaknesses. 

Infected roster concludes with Apex. Just as the name suggest, they are the top dogs in the Infected hierarchy, preferring to sic their buddies on you rather than engage themselves. Ubisoft  they will have an ability to blind your operators and only Doc or the new operator Finka will be able to counter it.

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