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Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Void Edge massive update lands on TS

Published: 19:14, 17 February 2020
Updated: 20:54, 17 February 2020
Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Void Edge character Oryx
Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Void Edge, Oryx

Even though we've gotten our early taste of Operation Void Edge via a Facebook trailer leak, Rainbow Six Siege's newest and massive update is now live on the Test Server. Operation Void Edge patch notes are in, so let's dive in.

Operation Void Edge is live as of 13:30 EST/18:30 UTC, and the patch notes shed additional light on the two new operators - Iana and Oryx. 

"Born under an auspicious star, Specialist Nienke 'Iana' Meijer has always known she would set foot on another world. A consummate dreamer and practised pragmatist, her greatest challenge has been convincing the world that her flights of fancy are not only possible, but practical", Iana's description reads. 

Iana's weapons of choice are ARX200 and G36C; her secondary is the Mk1 9mm, while her gadgets are frag and smoke grenades. 

Where Rainbow Six Siege's new operator excels, however, is deception, as the Gemini, her remotely-controlled holographic copy, behaves just like the real thing, while letting her scout ahead without consequences. The cooldown between uses lasts longer if its destroyed though. 

Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Void Edge character Iana Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Void Edge, Iana

Operation Void Edge's second addition is nowhere near as subtle, as you probably know that Oryx really loves to smash. Not exactly Hulk-grade smash, but definitely along those lines. 

"While his past remains a mystery, Saif 'Oryx' Al Hadid’s present is one of extraordinary finesse. While unassuming in everyday life, he is capable of physical feats long considered impossible. Calm, collected, yet impenetrable, he embodies the axiom that still waters do, indeed, run deep", his bio reads. 

His primaries are SPAS-12 and MP5, so clearly a close-quarters setup, while his secondaries are Bailiff 410 and USP40. Oryx's gadgetry includes Barbed Wire and Bulletproof camera. 

Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege operator Oryx Rainbow Six Siege, Oryx

Oryx's Remah Dash not only lets him traverse distances quickly, but he can also knock down opponents, which comes in handy against Montagne, or dash through breakable walls. Note that breaking through walls will take some of your health. 

Rainbow Six Siege's smash-happy operator has another trick up his sleeve, as he can climb broken hatches, where he can peek through and then decide whether to climb or drop back down. 

Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege operator Iana Rainbow Six Siege, Iana

Along with Oryx and Iana, Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Void Edge brings Oregon rework, and Ubisoft said that the changes are subtle enough to not mess with the experience, but substantial enough to balance them out. 

" Big Tower now also connects directly to Kitchen on the first floor thanks to the Kitchen Corridor, and a new area in the basement called Freezer leads to the first floor with the Freezer Stairs. Other access point changes include the removal of the door between Kitchen and Bathroom Corridor (now called Security Corridor), as well as the one leading into Dining Hall from the outside, which is replaced by a connection between Dining Hall and Small Tower", they wrote. 

There's a number of changes with Operation Void Edge, and you can find them all in the full patch notes here .

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