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Rainbow Six Siege may change health after being revived soon

Published: 11:16, 19 February 2019
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Rainbow Six - Doc and Rook

Ubisoft have updated Rainbow Six Siege's Technical Test Server (TTS) with a few additional changes, on top of the planned Burnt Horizon content and changes. These include a reduction to revive HP and clearance requirement for ranked.

Ubisoft didn't state that these changes are set in stone, and as such, they may make it to live servers in the current form, may get altered along the way or not implemented at all. Still, changes that get introduced to TTS make it to live more often than not.

The change that will most likely garner the most attention is the reduction of health regained after a revive. It is currently 50 health on live servers, but it is set to 20 on TTS, with a further nerf down to 15 in Terrorist Hunt. If these changes go through, they will likely just affect regular revive and not those of gadgets from Finka and Doc, who revive teammates with 5 and 75 health, respectively.

Some players may not react favourably to this , but the adjustment in Ranked Playlist requirements should boost their mood, if ever so slightly. Players will now need to get Clearance Level 30 in order to play ranked, as opposed to being to jump in at level 20 previously.

This is a change that was requested by players for a long time now, as a higher requirement both forces new players into practising more before committing to ranked. Going in green could potentially ruin the teammates' match due to a player's inexperience, but it remains to be seen if 10 levels of difference will fix this issue.

Ubisoft Promotional image showing the two new Rainbow Six Siege operators - Finka and Lion in their CBRN uniforms. Rainbow Six Siege Finka and Lion

Another problem with the previous low level of clearance necessary for ranked are smurf accounts. A few high ranked players here and there may get discouraged by having to invest more time into a new account if they want to smurf. Smurfing is just as detrimental to new players as it is to those who are simply placed in lower ranks, as it is no fun being stomped by a Diamond who was bored.

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