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Rainbow Six Siege is nerfing Ela and Zofia

Published: 00:58, 13 January 2022
Rainbow Six Siege - Operation Blood Orchid

Ubisoft entered the business of nerfing siblings as they announced both Ela and Zofia will be getting slapped in the next patch in order to bring them in line with other operators.

Ubisoft posted another set of developer notes with stats for popularity and win rate of all available Rainbow Six Siege operators as well as their plans for future balancing changes.

Aruni will be getting the muzzle break attachment for Mk 14 and while it's nice to have more options, we feel like the nerf bat that will hit Ela and Zofia will be more significant.

Ela got it worse between the two and the actual reason for it is bound to cause frustration among the PC community. It appears that FO-12 was too effective when playing on controllers, thanks to the combination of its power, forgiving spread and Ela's speed. So Ubisoft nerfed its damage for all platforms, across all input methods, by roughly 18.5 per cent (from 35 to 25).

Furthermore, heavy barrel attachment on the weapon was somewhat nerfed in order to bring it in line with the same type of mod on other weapons.

Regarding the gadget nerfs, both sisters will be less effective when disrupting enemies with their respective tools. Grzmot Mine and KS79 will no longer slow enemies down. Ubisoft deemed that stacking the sprint prevention with the rest of the status effects was too frustrating for those on the receiving end so they are giving them a chance to fight back, or at least flee until the effect wears off.

Ubisoft Promotional image showing the two new Rainbow Six Siege operators - Finka and Lion in their CBRN uniforms. People like their boosts

Besides Ela, Thorn seems to be the most popular choice with a high win rate so it's possible we will see her getting nerfed in the future. Meanwhile, Finka appears to be both more popular and has a higher win rate than Zofia so we will see how that goes as well.

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