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Rainbow Six Siege is free to play this weekend

Published: 16:33, 03 March 2020
Rainbow Six Siege artwork showing one of the operators
Free weekend kicks off on 05 March

Ubisoft are once again offering their tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege for free for a limited time. The promotion will run from 05 March until 08 March 2020.

Rainbow Six Siege is Ubisoft's golden goose and no wonder why the publisher do not have any plans for a sequel and prefer to add a lot of new content for years to come instead. To be fair, Siege is one of the best examples of long term game support and it is players by millions of players worldwide.

To reach this number, Ubisoft offered the game for free several times and they will do that again this weekend. Starting on 05 March through 08 March 2020, depending on the platform, Rainbow Six Siege will be available to play for free. All game modes, maps and 20 legacy Operators will be available to new players.

During the promo period, Ubisoft will also slash the price of the Base game, Deluxe, Gold and Ultimate Edition of the game between 05 March and 18 March 2020. All four versions will be up to 70 per cent off depending on SKU and platform.

Rainbow Six Siege recently introduced Operation Void Edge on the test server, an update which brings two new operators - Attacker Iana and Defender Oryx from Netherlands and Jordan. On top of this, Oregon map has been completely reworked with new looks and improved navigation. 

Rainbow Six Siege is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For more news about the game, check out the latest next-gen announcement from Ubisoft .

Rainbow Six Siege

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Glaz, Rainbow Six Siege
Screenshots of Rainbow Six Siege operators.

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