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Rainbow Six Siege Halloween mode lets teams have five Sledges

Published: 00:04, 24 October 2019
Rainbow Six Siege - The Doktor's Curse
Rainbow Six Siege - The Doktor's Curse

Rainbow Six Siege's version of a Halloween event includes the Monster Hunt limited-time mode. It will pit five attackers, all of whom will be Sledge, against five defenders armed to the teeth with traps.

Ubisoft have their bursts of creativity and this is especially true with Rainbow Six Siege. Following the likes of Outbreak or the Wild West-themed bank robbery mode, they have introduced Monster Hunt, the limited-time mode for Halloween.

The mode retains the 5v5 attackers and defenders format, although it has many other twists. For example, all five of the attackers will be Sledge, armed with his signature door manufacturing device. 

Each Sledge will have a pick of three unique hammers and a selection of gadgets. They will be able to equip Eyenox Model III, usually used by Jackal or Heartbeat Sensor used by Pulse. Lion's EE-ONE-D will also be available. Given that all three of these are tracking devices, you get the gist by now - Sledges are attackers, on the hunt for monsters.

The monsters are a bit more varied though. They consist of Lesion, Frost, Smoke, Kapkan and Ela and each of them has a unique trap, just like they do in normal modes. Additionally, each of them will be able to turn invisible and run faster in order to escape. Monsters have no weapons and their objective is to survive each round.

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Screenshots of Rainbow Six Siege operators.

Rainbow Six Siege's Halloween event, Doktor's Curse, revolves around more than just the spooky game mode though. There will be plenty of themed cosmetics to be unlocked, including the ones from 2018, such as Frost's Mileena wannabe look.

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