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Ubisoft are hosting another Rainbow Six Siege free weekend

Published: 20:00, 13 August 2018
Several Rainbow Six Siege operators are posing for a group photo
Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft have announced that another Rainbow Six Siege free weekend will run from 16 to 20 August 2018, with different starting and ending times for each platform. The game will also be available at a discount during the free weekend event.

Raindow Six´s Free weekend will start on PC on 16 August 2018, at 17:00 UTC / 10:00 AM PDT. It will also conclude earliest on 19 August 2018, at 20:00 UTC / 13:00 PDT. These times and dates are the same, regardless of your preferred platform as it will only be available on uPlay and not Steam.

PlayStation 4 players will get to experience Rainbow Six Siege also on 16 August 2018, starting at 13:00 UTC or 06:00 AM PDT. The event is scheduled to conclude on 20 August 2018 at 13: UTC or 06:00 AM PDT.

Xbox One players will have the game from 07:01 UTC or 00:01 PDT on 16 August 2018, so they will be the first ones to have access to free weekend. Their free ride will end on 20 August 2018 06:59 UTC or 19 August 2018 at 23:59 PDT.

The doesn't specify what kind of discount we will see, but if the free weekends up until now are any indicator, it will be 50 per cent off. Word of advice though - if you decide to purchase Rainbow Six Siege, do not under any circumstances go for Starter Edition.

It will be a small difference in price between that and the Standard Edition, but the latter will unlock 20 operators at the start and save your literal hundreds of hours of grinding. And no, there is no way to upgrade from Starter to Standard.

Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege promotional poster showing three SAS operators - Mute, Thatcher and Smoke. Rainbow Six Siege

Players will have full access to all game modes, maps and all operators during the free weekend and all progress they make will carry over in case they decide to purchase Rainbow Six Siege.

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