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Ubisoft are rewarding Rainbow Six Siege cosmetics for bug hunting

Published: 08:57, 27 April 2019
Promotional image for the bug hunter program in Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft are offering rewards for players who are helping them clean up the bugs from Rainbow Six Siege. The rewards will be cosmetic in nature and only after a certain bug hunting threshold has been reached, but they will be exclusive.

Rainbow Six Siege has had a rocky launch but has become one of the most successful FPS games afterwards due to continued support by Ubisoft. The developers have been cleaning up bugs and other issues on a regular basis but now they are offering players rewards in order to help them with that task, presumably to make it quicker and more efficient.

The company is calling it the Bug Hunter Program and according to the official post about it, the initiative aims to reward those who consistently report bugs to the team. 

Reporting bugs will be sort of a race in this case since only the first person who reports a new bug will get the credit and progress towards unlocking the cosmetics.

Most importantly, only the bug reports from the Technical Test Server (TTS) will count towards this progress, not the ones that manage to slip past the team and make it to the live server.

Players will need to reach a threshold of three reported issues in order to receive a reward, which will be distributed every other Friday. The first reward will be a reference to an old bug with the operators, where they had the so-called .

Ubisoft Picture of Fuze from Rainbow Six Siege Rainbow Six Siege - Fuze

Those who manage to get the required bug reporting score will receive a weapon charm with a chibi of Frost that has literal raptor legs.

More rewards will be added over time, so it is possible players will be able to obtain other cosmetics but Ubisoft did not detail them yet. Maybe we will get a Usain Bolt Blitz charm one day.

Bug Hunter Program kicked off on 25 April 2019 and will remain until further notice and all the reports received prior to that date will not count towards the reward thresholds.

Rainbow Six Siege

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