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Rainbow Six Siege ban wave caught both cheaters and their friends

Published: 09:48, 25 January 2019
Picture of Valkyrie in Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege - Valkyrie

Ubisoft have rolled out another ban wave in Rainbow Six Siege where a pile of cheaters found their accounts suspended. It appears there was some collateral damage as their friends also got banned, even if they didn't cheat themselves.

Those who played Rainbow Six Siege on 23 January 2019 may have been there at the right time to witness a beautiful string of in-game messages below the kill feed. One by one, Ubisoft listed all the users they banned for being boosted by cheaters in another wave of their war against cheaters.

One such lucky player their experience on Rainbow Six Siege subreddit, showing all those boosted accounts being suspended. Their names were not blurred out, so naming and shaming is in full swing here. Other Rainbow Six Siege players expressed their satisfaction at the sight of all the accounts with ill-begotten wins being banned, but some others a somewhat darker side of the coin here.

It appears that the user played with a friend of theirs who was previously permanently banned for cheating but allegedly didn't use any third party software on their new account. This doesn't seem to have been true, as both the cheater and the Redditor in question got banned. The latter received a 15 day ban, so at least it is not permanent, but it bears a strong message - do not play with former cheaters, regardless of whether they say they are not doing it anymore.

For those who were not familiar with Ubisoft's measures before, the company has announced drastic measures to combat both cheating and toxicity in Rainbow Six Siege back in 2018 and it definitely looks like they are staying true to their word.

Ubisoft Picture of the SAS boys from Rainbow Six Siege Rainbow Six Siege

Cheating is not omnipresent in Rainbow Six Six, unlike in popular shooter games, largely thanks to the support Rainbow Six Siege received since its release. Just to make sure you don't get unfairly banned, make sure your friends are not cheating before grouping up with them.

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