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Rainbow Six Siege balance update gives Fuze a mini rework

Published: 21:40, 16 August 2021
Picture of Fuze from Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege - Fuze is the only operator capable of breaking (pretty much) everything in Rainbow Six Siege.

Fuze will receive significant changes in Rainbow Six Siege's Crystal Guard update but even though he's the highlight, he's not the only one to see major alterations.

Fuze is one of Rainbow Six Siege 's memes and even though he didn't earn the status due to unplayability like it was the case with Tachanka, inexperienced players did tend to ruin games with the explosive-happy Russian. This will change with Crystal Guard as the breached is one of the operators that will receive major updates.

The gadget that Fuze likes to blow up enemies, teammates and hostages with is going to have a deeper functionality. It will essentially work the same way as before but it will take longer from the moment of planting it to the actual explosions. On top of that, it will bore through the surface and become visible from the other side so if someone in the room sees it in time, they will be able to shoot the gadget before Cluster Charge has a chance to go off.

On the flip side, the unique gadget will now be able to penetrate reinforced walls and hatches, opening up numerous possibilities when it comes to creative entrances. Or hostage killing.

Twitch's Shock Drone will gain the ability to jump in the same update and it will now shoot lasers so dropoff will no longer be an issue.

Similarly, IQ is getting a small but significant change to her gadget as she will be able to smart ping electronics detected by her, well, Electronics Detector.

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