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Rainbow Six reveals Croatian operator's weapons and gadgets

Published: 18:47, 16 August 2021
Rainbow Six Siege - Osa
Rainbow Six Siege - Osa

Ubisoft officially revealed everything about Osa that concerns the players, including her gadget, loadout, armour and speed in the season preview.

Anja Janković, callsign Osa (English - Wasp), is a prodigy engineer hailing from Croatia that is in Nighthaven's employ. She is also the attacker that will be joining the Rainbow Six Siege roster during Crystal Guard season and offer a set of tools that makes her a hybrid of intel gathering and funnelling the enemies.

The main reason for this is the Talon-8, the transparent shield that Osa can place in tight spaces ideally as she can lock down a corridor that way easily. Everyone can see through the shield, meaning she can crouch behind it and see whoever is approaching, setting up a game of cat and mouse in an enclosed space.

Osa's primary weapons are 556xi and PDW9, offering a choice of range she likes to be most effective at, not to mention the possibility of sticking an ACOG on the assault rifle. These weapons are complemented by a PMM in Osa's holster.

The attacker also comes with Claymores and smoke grenades, further emphasising her role as an area denial operator that is in charge of manipulating the battlefield to better fit her team.

Having two armour and two speed, she doesn't excel at roaming which is once again a reminder the operator is meant to be played as a calm and calculating tempo setter.

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