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Rainbow Six Quarantine now renamed to Rainbow Six Extraction

Published: 19:03, 07 June 2021
Rainbow Six Quarantine screenshot showing combat
Rainbow Six Quarantine

Ubisoft announced that the upcoming co-op shooter based on Rainbow Six Siege finally has an official name and it's distanced from plagues and the like.

Rainbow Six Siege originally had an event called Outbreak which resulted in them building a spin-off co-op shooter temporarily named Rainbow Six Quarantine and now it has finally finished the naming process. The game will officially be called Rainbow Six Extraction.

The reason for renaming it from Quarantine probably has to do with the Coronavirus outbreak that caused numerous quarantines all over the world and some potential players might be sensitive to the name.

That said, Ubisoft didn't state this was the exact reason in their video announcement even though pretty much everyone could see through it. The situation reminds of the months leading up to The Division 2's launch when they kept claiming the game wasn't political and then it started with an intro that implied those who had guns prior to the Dollar Flu were the ones to come out on top.

Anyway, Ubisoft is know to generally stray away from controversial topics and ditching "Quarantine" from the title is not really a surprise to anyone who followed their work.

Furthermore, the game's name shouldn't be as much of a concern and the focus should be on the gameplay itself. 

Speaking of which, Ubisoft Connect is boundto have some new reveals in just a few days when the show hits the road.

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