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Rainbow Six Extraction trailer showcases the game's scope

Published: 04:38, 02 December 2021
Rainbow Six Extraction
Rainbow Six Extraction

Team Rainbow will be running several types of missions over a bunch of maps that change regularly, according to the latest Rainbow Six: Extraction trailer.

Ubisoft showed off some of the features from Rainbow Six: Extraction, where the players will be facing off against the parasitic entities that sometimes snatch their friends.

These skirmishes will happen across 12 different maps, some of which are located in New Mexico, San Francisco, New York City and Alaska. Players will initially be able to choose from the pool of 18 operators which is significantly fewer than what R6: Siege has in total but keep in mind this is also a live service game and more will be added in the future.

A total of 13 randomised mission types will be available across the aforementioned maps, leading to immense replayability potential, at least on paper. Games have promised replayability through randomisation or procedural generation but not all of them managed to deliver. Basically, if the differences are not big enough to noticeably alter the experience, it still feels like the same slog over and over. 

On the flip side, the sheer amount of locations players will get to experience is probably going to give them a lot of time to enjoy before getting bored. Each of the 12 maps will have three sub-zones, which further multiplies the randomisation possibilities. 

The devs also showcased what the objectives will look like for each zone, letting the players see what it's like when operators use weapons they usually don't have access to in R6: Siege.

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