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Rainbow Six Extraction showcases new gadgets and enemies

Published: 00:08, 24 August 2021
Rainbow Six Extraction
Rainbow Six Extraction

Ubisoft's upcoming Rainbow Six spin-off recently showcased crucial gameplay elements that left many fans wondering why they didn't lead with it.

Rainbow Six Extraction didn't receive much of a welcome once it was announced and a large chunk of the blame lies with the way Ubisoft handled the reveal and the marketing that followed. The series of operator showcases didn't really do it for the fans since they already knew all the juicy bits about them but the latest showcase has a few aces up its sleeve and the reception has been positive thus far.

Some of the highlights of the gameplay showcase video include the new gadgets, abilities and enemies. In the case of gadgets, players will have new tools to specifically combat the dangers the space zombies put in front of Rainbow operatives. For example, the Glue Grenade will prevent melee attackers from advancing while the fancy laser pistol will make room for the players to move in the infested areas that would otherwise damage them.

Furthermore, the operator-specific gadgets will be upgradeable through mastering the characters and will gain new modifications that will make them even more potent. Vigil will be able to cloak his entire team while Sledge will be able to stun chunkier enemies the more he levels up.

Players are not the only ones who will get new toys to play with since the enemies will randomly mutate and become able to ruin your day in new ways. 

As a cherry on top, some enemies will mimic Rainbow's operators, posing a unique danger to the team. Given their name, we are fairly confident they should be tossed out of the airlock.

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