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Rainbow Six Extraction delayed to next year

Published: 17:38, 16 July 2021
Rainbow Six Extraction
Rainbow Six Extraction

Ubisoft announced they would postpone the release of Rainbow Six Extraction, possibly upsetting up to six people who eagerly awaited the launch.

Rainbow Six Siege is a pretty good game that had an interesting limited-time game mode called Outbreak. It appears that enough people played it to make Ubisoft think it's a good idea to shoehorn it into a standalone title and charge players the full AAA price. Those decisions alone killed off most of the hype anyone ever had for this game but the gift just keeps on giving.

After the character reveal trailers weren't received as well as an exec or two might have hoped, Ubisoft announced that the game will no longer be released in 2021 .

The explanation for the delay is packed with the standard PR statement that for some reason implies R6 Extraction will change the way people play and think about co-op games. This vision that was totally never seen before in zombie co-op shooters is taking longer than expected to realise which is supposedly why the game will now be released in January 2022.

Expectations were already low for the limited-time mode pretending to be a fully-fledged AAA title so not many people seem to be distressed over the delay but the Twitter responses did reveal a few individuals that hoped they could actually play it in September 2020. Maybe play Deathloop in the meantime.

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