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Quantum Replica now has a release date and a new trailer

Published: 10:35, 15 May 2018
Concept art for Quantum Replica showing the protagonist looking at the neon city
Quantum Replica

1C Company have announced that the isometric stealth cyberpunk action game Quantum Replica will be hitting the stores on 31 May 2018. Boy, that's a lot of adjectives, but the should temporarily quench our thirst for Cyberpunk 2077.

1C Company are advertising Quantum Replica as a fast-paced cyberpunk action game, with each of these adjectives being demonstrated in the new launch trailer above. As far as the release date goes, there is good news and the bad news. Good news is that PC players are only two weeks away from getting their hands on the game, the bad news is that console players will have to wait until Autumn 2018.

As per usual for the games in a cyberpunk setting, players will assume the role of a person who found themselves on the wrong side of the flimsy law, which is dictated by a massive corporate alliance. The "bad guy inc." will be known as Syndicate in Quantum Replica, and players will be trying to avoid them as well as the omnipresent AI that watches over the city.

Player character's name is Alpha - hi is a young man who awakens with no memory at the start of the game and his journey will see him recollect fragments of his past. As he explores the city and goes through the storyline, he will find new time-altering powers which will help him move undetected around the place as well as many weapons and gadgets that will help Alpha peel off the hostiles.

The city where the game will take place is huge, according to 1C, and it will be divided into five distinct zones and players will have to take on powerful bosses from time to time.

ONE3D Player is fighting a mad bomber in Quantum Replica's cyberpunk city Quantum Replica

There is no indication of the game's pricing yet, as not even its has a set price, even though it shows the 31 May 2018 release date. On the other hand, late May and early June might prove to be a prime time for the game as everyone will be high ony Cyberpunk 2077 hype.

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