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QuakeCon: Year of Doom will have live gameplay of Doom Eternal

Published: 11:53, 24 July 2019
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Doom Eternal

Bethesda have posted a detailed schedule of this year's QuakeCon and in honour of Doom's 25th anniversary, it will be called QuakeCon: Year of Doom. Among its features are the first live gameplay demo of Doom Eternal, Fallout 76 and more.

And from what we've seen thus far, Doom Eternal definitely looks the part and there couldn't be a better way of celebrating 25 years of one of the most influential games ever, short of perhaps Carmack-Romero teaming up again. What? A man can dream!

Anyway, QuakeCon: Year of Doom takes place in the Gaylord Texan Resort and Convention Center in Dallas, Texas, starting on 25 July 2019. It will last three days and will feature "a host of panels, events, activities and, of course, North America's largest BYOC area."

On the first day, QuakeCon will host the Legends Masters Series, The Elder Scrolls: Legends esports competition where eight of the best players will be duking it out for a $50,000 prize pool.

Also on the first day is the all-star panel of Bethesda, id Software and MachineGames developers dubbed 25 Years of Doom's Influence on Video Games.

Fallout 76 fans who are still onboard and looking forward to what the future holds should not miss out on the second day's presentation "Learn more about this fall's major update, Wastelanders, and what human NPCs, dialogue with consequence, and more will bring to the game", they wrote.

Once the future of Fallout 76 is done, it's time for what's probably the highlight of QuakeCon, at least as far as yours truly is concerned, and that's Doom Eternal live gameplay demo. 

id Software's developers Marty Stratton and Hugo Martin will be the hosts of the demo, and we're looking forward to see whether they can out-brutal the brutal E3 demo.

Bethesda QuakeCon 2019 event schedule QuakeCon: Year of Doom schedule

Naturally, QuakeCon is about much more than just Doom, duh, and you can expect more content, like the CT Quake Pro League, The Elder Scrolls Online content and a ton of Twitch drops if you're tuning in remotely.

You can find the full schedule on Bethesda's .

Doom Eternal, id Software and Bethesda's monument to brutality

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