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Quake Champions offers all champions for free during QuakeCon

Published: 04:44, 08 August 2020
Quake Champions - Mr. BJ

Bethesda's promotions around QuakeCon have already started with discounts all over the place and an opportunity to grab all the champions in Quake Champions for free.

Quake Champions being a hero-based shooter is one of the points of contention with the veterans of the series as they preferred the old ways of not heavily customising the characters or having to unlock them. The latter part will be eased with the QuakeCon celebration since you can just jump into a match and be rewarded by the ability to unlock all of them for free.

In case you can't get a regular match in your region at any given time, you can play a game with bots and have the same results. Furthermore, progression on each of the champions is heavily discounted and each level costs just one shard.

This promotion will last until August 9, 2020, so make sure you hop into the game and grab all the goodies you might want, provided you are into Quake Champions at all.

On top of being able to unlock all the champions for free, it will really be a throwback to the old times for the veterans though. There is now the Classic FFA mode in Quick Play that will be around for the duration of the weekend that coincides with QuakeCon.

Bethesda Character from Quake Champions standing in a doorway Quake Champions

Just as the name suggests, the mode goes back to the good old roots as everyone will be able to play as Ranger only and abilities will be disabled. Classic deathmatch.

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