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PUBG Corp tease Codename: Savage's underground system

Published: 07:15, 19 April 2018
Rendering of concept art for PUBG's map Codename: Savage
PUBG's new Codename: Savage area

You've got to give it to Brendan Greene and Co because even when it seems like a vacation - they still end up working. In fact, it's the developer's latest trip to Asia where they came up with the idea for Savage's new underground area.

To be fair, PUBG's developers didn't really go skinny dipping - the team went to Southeast Asia exactly for research and development of .

In their , PUBG Corp once again talked about open development, with Savage perhaps being a prime example of it. What they actually mean is developing the map while PUBG's player base is playing it, achieving sort of a realtime feedback system, updating the map as they go.

PUBG Corp Another draft of concept art for PUBG's map Codename: Savage PUBG, Codename: Savage

PUBG Corp say that there are still "months of work left to do", seeing as how they're yet to endow the map with "changes that impact balance", add new vehicles, weapons and, of course, the new area.

In case you were wondering, the hole that inspired Codename: Savage was not Bluehole but rather Phraya Nakhon Cave outside of Bangkok, Thailand. In fact, the devs thought it would be an awesome addition to PUBG, with players dropping into the somewhat shielded aread straight from the plane.

PUBG Corp Phraya Nakhon Cave in Bangkok, Thailand Inspiration for Codename: Savage's new area

As you can see, the devs came up with more than one exit from the hole, which is more than they could say for the hole they dug themselves in by insisting on cosmetics over actually usable PUBG content. The way they imagined it is basically one way in - more ways out. Yeah, including body bags.

The devs claim the map looks pretty amazing for the time being and even though there's still plenty of work to be done, they're planning on rolling it out in the "next couple of testing phases". Apparently, PUBG Corp is set to switch their attention to weapons and special vehicles next.

PUBG Corp Draft of concept art for PUBG's map Codename: Savage PUBG, Codename: Savage underground area

So there you have it, PUBG is getting a huge hole in the ground, which, if nothing else, should be pretty useful to hide in once Epic's Fortnite comes knocking.


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