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PUBG breaks 5 million players on Xbox, chicken dinners could've fed New Zealand

Published: 20:45, 15 March 2018
Updated: 21:36, 15 March 2018
A chicken standing in front of the flag of New Zealand
PUBG Chicken Dinners could've fed New Zealand

PUBG may not be the most polished title to have graced Microsoft's Xbox One, with the game still trudging along at 30fps on them, but when it comes to numbers, PUBG wipes the floor with everyone and their grandmother.

Microsoft broke the news today in a post on Xbox's PR outlet, where they said that it only took three months for PUBG player base to go from zero to 5 million.

PUBG Corp decided to mark the milestone with a celebratory infographic, giving us a peek into the gaming habits of PUBG player population and the usual goofy statistics we've learned to expect from them.

PUBG Corp Protagonist of survival game PUBG standing next to statistical data PUBG Xbox infographic

Unlike last time, when PUBG's chicken dinners served could've , PUBG Corp had their sights on a bigger fish. As much as 4,959,356 chicken dinners have been served on Xbox this time around, which is apparently enough to feed New Zealand.

With 4,579,258,738 bandages used and 23,472,616 care packages delivered, one would think we're in Red Cross or something. Naturally, don't fall for the humanist implications, PUBG players only know how to feed others with led. We should know. And never forget that the Red Cross strongly objects to the use of their symbol in video games.

The Blue Zone has claimed as much as 41,146,932 lives, half of which must have been yours truly. I call it my personal investigation on crossing boundaries and peeking into the afterlife of Battle Royale titles.

Bluehole An aerial shot of an abandoned base overlooking some hills PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Almost a million, or 952,312 PUBG players to be exact, have died by the mighty frying pan, which once again emphasizes the importance of good diet. You don't need that much iron, do you?

Microsoft and PUBG Corp are rewarding players with in-game jackets, provided they've activated a PUBG character on Xbox one by 22 March 2018.

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