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PUBG's Road to Xbox One 1.0 video hints at PlayStation 4 release

Published: 09:50, 27 August 2018
Screenshot from PUBG's Xbox One video showing a PS4
PUBG, I thought this was an Xbox One video?

Although we're talking about less than a second long hint, the latest video depicting PUBG Corp's historical struggles in bringing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds to Xbox One may have announced that PUBG's finally coming to PlayStation 4.

The moment we're talking about occurs at 0:53 and shows a PlayStation 4 Pro and its controller sitting comfortably underneath the monitors, with three of PUBG Corp's devs gathered around them. The irony of PS4 sneaking into what's meant to be an Xbox One documentary has not been wasted.

While it's still far from an official confirmation, it seems about time Greene and Co brought PUBG to their last remaining major gaming platform. To be perfectly frank, and I'm pretty sure that Greene would agree in hindsight, PS4 launch should've happened much earlier but the company is easily distracted by shiny coins.

Microsoft have paid PUBG Corp a pretty penny for the window of exclusivity, a contract which seems increasingly unlikely to be renewed. PS4 bosses have gone on record back in January, saying that they're waiting until this period ends before they can talk about bringing it to Sony's platform.

In the meantime, Fortnite Battle Royale and even H1Z1 snatched up the pieces of PS4's battle royale cake, meaning the team better bring on their A game. PUBG is still very popular though and while it shouldn't have much trouble regaining some of its rightfully owed ground, coming in this late certainly won't make the team's job any easier.

In PUBG's defence, ruining a game by ignoring its most glaring mistakes from launch can be a difficult job on one, let alone two platforms. Three should thankfully make PUBG Corp's job much easier, with the added benefit of blaming lack of development time on that.

PUBG Corp The skateboard loop from PUBG's upcoming Training Mode PUBG Corp, Training Mode

What this means in practice is that, in spite of the company pulling a veil over our eyes with the , get ready for a new era of excuses why PC version never gets fixed. Not like we're not used to it.

PUBG / Playerunknown's Battlegrounds by PUBG Corp and Bluehole

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