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PUBG's Paramo will have FPP after all

Published: 21:18, 19 October 2020
The PUBG Corporation
PUBG - Paramo map
PUBG - Paramo map

PUBG Corp caught a lot of flak when it was revealed that the new map, Paramo, would be playable only in third-person perspective but after enough fan pressure, it appears the devs relented and decided otherwise.

PUBG Season 9 is just around the corner and the volcanic map, Paramo, is coming with it. Fans of the popular battle royale found themselves excited when they heard the news but the euphoria was cut short by the notice that the new map would only be playable in third-person perspective.

As you can imagine, many found this to be unacceptable and just proceeded to protest the decision, asking for equal treatment of those who prefer FPP. It took a while but the feedback did its job, the devs listened and decided to make FPP fans have the option of playing Paramo as well.

The news was initially relayed by the German Twitter account of PUBG where they also asked about the addition the fans are most excited for. Out of the four options, Paramo and solo ranked play took the majority of the votes although the map beat the runner-up comfortably as it stood at 45.3 per cent votes at the time of writing while the ranked option was at 36.5 per cent.

That alone is an indicator of how much the players are looking forward to playing the map and why it was a terrible decision to ever announce it as available only in TPP.

Anyway, the story has a happy ending and everyone will be able to enjoy Paramo however they like.

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