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PUBG's Metal Rain time limited mode is now underway on PC

Published: 20:48, 20 April 2018
PUG Corp
Eight characters in PUBG are posing with their guns on and around an SUV.
PUBG - Event Mode with 8 player squads

PUBG Corp are firing on all cylinders as they're rolling out the latest time limited mode for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Eight man squads and flare guns are making a comeback, and a special armoured vehicle named UAZ is making a debut.

Metal Rain will be available for a limited time - it has already kicked off on PC, and it will conclude onl 22 April 2018 at 7 PM PDT for USA and 23 April 2018 at 4 AM CET for Europe. The mode will be a mashup of previous time limited modes and will have a unique 96 player format.

The new game mode will run on Erangel only and flare guns will not be limited to certain buildings. PUBG Corp noted that it will now "spawn randomly alongside normal loot locations" and if players fire it outside the white circle, the plane will drop the armoured UAZ vehicle instead of regular supplies, weapons and gear. It will have its regular function when inside the circle though.

Bluehole Screenshot from PUBG showing the UAZ armoured vehicle PUBG's new armoured vehicle - UAZ

Metal Rain will be played in squads of eight, with a total of 12 teams on the field. There is no mention of a 13th team with four players however, so the number of players deployed per session will be up to 96, but players can turn auto matching off so they don't have to play in full squad if they don't want to. Players will be able to choose their squads this time around, so they will be able to play with up to seven friends in a team.

The dreaded red zone will also be enabled for this mode as well as the regular care packages. This mode will be especially risky for hackers since they will easily enrage eight people that can spectate them after getting killed, and report the hacker subsequently. This is good news for regular players, as hackers might choose to steer clear of Metal Rain.

Bluehole PUBG screenshop with parachute rush PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Blue zone and dynamic weather rules remain unchanged from the regular matches. Good hunting!

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