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PUBG's last update of 2019 brings more blood and new skins

Published: 09:18, 19 December 2019
PUBG Corp.
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Happy Holidays from PUBG

PUBG Corp's battle royale PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has received its last major update for the year. The 5.3 patch brings improved blood effects, new settings and skins.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds may have missed this year's holiday celebrations and that will probably disappoint many players who expected at least some sort of special winter-themed event. However, the devs have another update, that brings a couple of new improvements and tweaks.

The patch 5.3 is now live on the PC platform and will arrive in the near future to consoles. One of the biggest new improvements that you'll notice during gameplay is the improved blood effect. PUBG's named it "Bloody realistic" and there's a reason for that.

From now on, headshots including the neck area will produce a more distinct visual effect to ensure clear identification of hits. On top of this, blood splatter will be shown on walls and floors if the character is hit near it. The size of the blood splash is unified across all colour settings and blood impacts on characters will now provide a more precise visual representation of which body parts have been hit.

A pretty neat addition, to be honest, that will make the game more realistic and offer players more visual signs of the condition of their opponents at the same time.

On top of these blood-related tweaks, PUBG's update also brings quality of life additions to the in-game settings. Players will now be able to save their settings to the cloud and load them in the settings screen when necessary. You can also load your account settings even when playing on a new PC.

The patch also sets the lobby in a proper holiday spirit with Happy Holidays theme and new winter-themed music. The patch also brings new skins to the store and you can find more details about these and other minor tweaks in .

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds / PUBG, Season 4 by PUBG Corp

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PUBG, Season 4

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