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PUBG's PC update adds northern lights, snowbikes and Bizon SMG

Published: 15:58, 23 January 2019
picture showing northern lights over a castle
Vikendi Moonlight

New PUBG update is now available on PC test servers and it brings some sweet additions to Vikendi. The update also comes with the snowbike, Bizon SMG, Canted Sight and Vikendi Moonlight weather setting, which includes northern lights.

Players are getting a new snowbike vehicle for easier traversing around Vikendi's snowy hills and forests. Snowbikes will replace motorcycles, which will no longer spawn on Vikendi. The new vehicle is quicker and has better mobility than the Snowmobile but at the same time, it's less durable and easier to destroy.

For a proper drive-by shooting, or is it snow-by, players will get the Bizon submachine gun which is exclusive to Vikendi and Erangel. The gun uses 9mm ammo and holds 53 rounds by default. It can only take muzzle and sight attachments though.

Speaking about attachments, one of the biggest additions to weapons in PUBG is included in the new update. It's the long-awaited Canted Sight attachment which allows players to attach two sights at once. This attachment can be added to certain weapons which have two sight slots.

The new attachment can be used with the following weapons:

Assault Rifles – Beryl M762, AKM, AUG, M416, Mutant, QBZ, SCAR-L, G36C

DMRs – SLR, Mini14, Mk14, QBU, SKS

Sniper Rifles – AWM, M24, Kar98k

SMGs – UMP, Vector, Bizon

Shotguns – S12K LMG – M249

Canted Sight addition can be used to quickly switch from scopes used in long-range combat to red dot or holo sight for close-combat engagements. Until now, players had to open their inventory and swap to prefered sight, which isn't really practical, especially in tense situations.

PUBGCorp picture showing two guns Canted Sight in PUBG

Vikendi also got a first weather update dubbed Moonlight. Players can now enjoy the Northern Lights and super moons but the night could also open new tactical possibilities for those who like to play stealthy and take their chances later in the round.

PUBG Corp also worked on some gameplay tweaks. Vests will now take less damage while the spawn rate of SMGs has been reduced in favour of more assault rifles. Additionally, level 3 helmets and vests will now become more scarce.

There are also improvements to performance and a bunch of bug fixes. You can check them all out on PUBG's .

PUBG / Playerunknown's Battlegrounds by PUBG Corp and Bluehole

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Dino Park on Vikendi map

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