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PUBG PC update #18 adds Sanhok exclusive weapon, vehicle

Published: 13:24, 17 July 2018
Newly added PUBG designated marksman rifle called QBU

Brendan Greene and Co have deployed PUBG patch #18 to test servers, featuring a new Sanhok-exclusive designated marksman rifle, new pickup truck Rony, newly added custom matches for everyone and several bug fixes to go with the update.

First things first though. The QBU is a Sanhok-exlusive DMR with a 10 round clip of 5.56 ammunition, expandable to 20 with the extended magazine. The QBU will be replacing the Mini 14 on Sanhok and they share most of the ballistics traits, except for the QBU's slightly better bullet damage.

The new PUBG weapon has a bipod, which means shooting from the prone stance will "greatly reduce recoil". To offset this, PUBG Corp ensured the QBU doesn't come with slots for grip or stock attachments.

The QBU is still among the lowest per-bullet damage DMRs in PUBG but in compensates with the highest initial bullet speed. This makes it a valuable tool in mid to long range engagements. When in prone, doubly so.

PUBG's new vehicle is the Rony, a pickup truck "from the automaker that brought you the Mirado". I never though I'd see these sorts of commercials in games, but at least they're good for a chuckle.

Anyway, the truck holds up to four passengers and is a wise pick on hilly terrains. Seeing as how it's one of the biggest vehicles on Sanhok, PUBG Corp advises using it both for cover and transportation.

Greene and Co also included the Custom Match open beta, including Normal, Zombie, War and eSports modes, the last of which governed by PGI 2018 eSports rules. Each of the modes currently has but a single preset, although the company promises plenty more coming at a later date. You can find the Custom  Match open beta patch notes .

Unfortunately, it appears that PUBG Corp managed to break PUBG in the meantime, because desync has been real lately. Most players are wondering whether we've been magically transported back to the alpha days but we guess we'll know soon enough.

You can find PUBG's #18 patch notes .

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