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PUBG Update 9.1 is now live on the Test Server

Published: 09:07, 14 October 2020
PUBG Corporation
PUBG - 9.1 Update patch notes
PUBG - 9.1 Update patch notes

PUBG's Update 9.1 is now live on the game's test server. The new map - Paramo is a 3x3 affair featuring an active volcano and an ever-shifting landscape.

New map: Paramo

Paramo is an ancient land with ancient secrets. Its dangers are abundant but dwarf in comparison to the map's active volcano. The helicopter that will be tasked with dropping the players onto the map will also have the privilege of supplying them with Care Packages.

Paramo is a 3×3 map. This dynamic world system alters locations between matches.

Seasonal Match

Paramo will be a part of the Seasonal Match, separate from the current matchmaking pool, because of the new Dynamic Map Locations system. 

  • Paramo is provided as a Seasonal Match exclusive for Season 9 only.
  • Seasonal Match will have bots disabled.
  • Seasonal Match will not count for your Career > Stats.
  • Seasonal Match will not have missions enabled.

PUBG Corporation PUBG - Shoot at the choppa! PUBG - Shoot at the choppa!

Paramo Map Rules

  • 3×3 km playable area with dynamic map locations.
  • 64 Players
  • TPP Squads Only
  • No Red Zones
  • The Blue Zone shrinks slowly but deals more damage compared to other maps, even in the early phases of the match.
  • Motorcycles are the only vehicle available on Paramo and can usually be found near small villages.

Paramo: New Features

Major landmarks and parts of the terrain will be assigned a new location each time you drop in so plan accordingly. 

The floor is lava. Several streams of the lava flow from active volcanoes throughout Paramo will present an environmental hazard as you traverse the map. Once stepped in, the lava will deal 10 damage per second, ticking every half second.

Riding a motorcycle through the lava will deal damage to the vehicle as well as the player.

You can roam outside the bounds of the playable area and a warning will display on your screen. You will be eliminated if you fail to quickly return to the playable area.

PUBG Corporation PUBG - Special loot PUBG - Special loot

New item boxes will spawn in certain houses. Destroy these to acquire a bunch of loot.

Helicopters are your friend. Not only will the choppers be dropping you into action, but they will also distribute Care Packages. If you shoot at the helicopters long enough they will drop the cargo early. 

Paramo offers some highland themed items such as new full-body camo suits, ghillie suit and backpack.

A critical response kit will let you revive a squad member in one second. 

Keep an eye out for a "Secret Room Key". Because of reasons.

Ranked Mode

Ranked Solo queue will let the players take on the Ranked Battlegrounds against other solo players.

PUBG Corporation PUBG - Ranked Solo Mode PUBG - Ranked Solo Mode

Season 9 Begins

The new ranked season has begun. Ranked rewards earned from Season 8 will be granted to your account upon login.

  • Player ranks have been reset
    • Players will be given their initial rank after 5 placement matches.
    • RP has been soft-reset, so your initial Season 9 placement will be influenced by your Season 8 rank.
  • Leaderboards have been reset
    • Final player ranks and the regional Top 500 leaderboards will be finalized once live server maintenance is complete, to ensure all matches are accounted for.
    • View your Season 8 stats and the Top 500 leaderboards of each region under Career > Stats.

Detailed patch notes can be found right here .

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