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PUBG's update 17.1 out test servers, guess what it "fixes"

Published: 16:27, 11 July 2018
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PUBG Corp have rolled out the latest update #17.1 on the test server, promising what they've been promising since forever - palpable performance improvements on both server and client-side, functional anti-cheat methods and bug fixes.

The update itself is a smaller one, with PUBG Corp polishing off-road driving performance of pickup trucks. SMGs default zeroing for iron sights is now 100m, while crossbows are capped to 25m, with or without scopes.

Also fixed were the mix up with the ACOG reticle on the SLR, which is now correctly displayed as a cross one. The delayed aiming when switching from the driver's seat has been adressed as well.

PUBG Corp mentioned in their Steam post that the actually hadn't properly applied Sanhok server optimisation, which has since been fixed. Ping-based matchmaking was a bit glitchy in North America too, which was partly caused by NA being set as the default region for all players.

To be fair to PUBG Corp, they did concede they have to do better work in regards to performance and bug fixes. They also "agree with the criticisms of the game that many [players] have made recently, including comments that [their] efforts need to be more effective".

However, the admission doesn't make things any easier, since players who have paid for the game have been forced to take these issues on the chin for at least six months now, which is what I can personally attest to. In fact, I dare you to find a single PUBG Corp patch announcement that doesn't promise the same thing.

Apparently, once PUBG Global Invitational is done, the team will shift into overdrive on these issues, albeit we'll believe it when we see it. At this point, some PUBG players are turning straight up hostile.

PUBG Corp are feeding them skins when they look for map selection while asking for anti-cheat methods usually yields a new weapon. Untangling these complex comprehension algorithms the dev team seems to be using, is really becoming a chore. How about, off the top of my head, you just give players what they want?

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You can find PUBG's update #17.1 notes .

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