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PUBG Update 13.2 out on console - new vehicle, P90 SMG and more

Published: 14:08, 16 September 2021
PUBG Studios
PUBG Battlegrounds Update 13.2 now livfe on console
PUBG Battlegrounds Update 13.2 now livfe on console

Update 13.2 has already made its rounds on the PC version of PUBG, and now it's time for console players to take the Porter out for a spin on the adjusted Taego map.

PUBG: Battlegrounds' latest update is now up and running on PC and console. Update 13.2 introduces the latest Survivor Pass: CRAZY NIGHT, a fan-favourite SMG, a new vehicle and more.

PUBG Update 13.2 features
  • Survivor Pass: CRAZY NIGHT: The devs went out and made some more changes to the Survivor Pass system by extending the service period to eight weeks. Now, players can earn a bunch of different rewards including a Contraband Coupon, Name Plate and Spray until November 2.
  • New Weapon - P90 SMG: Starting with Update 13.2, the fan-requested P90 SMG will be available via Care Packages on all maps. P90 SMG is the first weapon of this type to make an appearance in Care Packages since the original Tommy Gun and boasts 5.7mm high-powered ammo.
Updates to the Taego Map

The 8x8 map has received a series of adjustments including but not limited to:

  • New Vehicle - Porter: Exclusive to Taego, the Porter can accommodate up to four passengers. The Porter replaces the UAZ vehicle on Taego.
  • New Feature - Trunk System: With this system, players can use the trunk on the Porter vehicle to store a limited number of items to take with them throughout the map. 

PUBG Studios PUBG - the Porter (Update 13.2) PUBG - the Porter (Update 13.2)

  • New Weapon - Blue Zone Grenade: A new throwable that creates a round Blue Zone with a maximum radius of 10 meters and deals 10 damage per second.  
  • New Weather Options: Starting with 13.2, "Sunset" and "Overcast" weather patterns are randomly applied to Taego.

Casual Mode: For players new to the game or for those who want to warm up in a less tense environment, 13.2 adds Casual Mode to the game. Players can play up to three Casual Mode matches per day solo or with a team and earn XP rewards, BP rewards, complete Pass Missions, complete Event Missions and more. Casual mode is only available on Erangel.

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