PUBG's Casual Mode explained - Update 13.2

Published: 08:54, 01 September 2021
PUBG - Casual Mode
PUBG - Casual Mode

PUBG's Update 13.2 is now live on the game's test servers. On top of the new items, wheels and throwables included in the update, there's a brand-new Casual Mode.

Update 13.2 is currently on PUBG's PC Test Servers. The massive update introduces a bunch of new stuff such as the P90 SMG, a trunk feature, a throwable and a brand-new Casual Mode, never before seen in these parts. 

New in PUBG: Casual Mode

For those who want to have fun and practice without the extreme conditions found in the Battle Royale Matches. If this sounds like your sort of cup, here's the skinny: you can play up to three matches per day in Solo, Duo, or Squads. 

The Casual Mode is restricted to the Erangel map and the maximum number of players it admits in these conditions is 12 per match. If it so happens there are no human players interested in the match at the same time, bots will do you a favour and fill up the remaining slots.

PUBG's Casual Mode TL;DR

  • Only available on Erangel.
  • Maximum of three matches a day (Solo, Squad, and 1 Man Squad).
  • Only available in TPP mode.
  • The maximum number of players in a match: 12, the rest will be filled with bots.
  • The following are supported:
    • Career: Stats/Match History/Medals/Survival/Weapons/Replays
    • Pass Mission
    • Event Mission
    • BattleStats
    • BP Rewards
    • XP Rewards
    • Spectating
  • Matchmaking Modes
    • PC Test Server
    • AS, NA
      • Solo / Squad / 1-Man Squad
    • All other regions matching on AS, NA
      • Solo / Squad / 1-Man Squad
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