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PUBG trailer shows Operation Pillar mission in action

Published: 08:56, 23 December 2020
PUBG 10.1, Pillar caches
PUBG 10.1, Pillar caches are filled with powerful weapons and gear

PUBG's latest version brought with it the Pillar, a PvE faction of enemies you're bound to come across when playing on Haven. And here's what to expect.

"Here is your new mission 'Operation Pillar'. During your mission, you will have to find and secure the cache heavily guarded by the Pillar Mercs. Use any means necessary and always remember that failure is not an option", PUBG Corp wrote. 

Haven holds five secure caches, which you'll be able to recognise - the buildings are marked with blue smoke and Pillar symbols. Once inside, you should know what to do, i.e. you can't go wrong with a mindset of "kill everything that moves".

Finding PUBG's loot caches should be well worth the trouble, although the biggest dangers of the new map, Haven, lie elsewhere. We're talking, of course, about Pillar's aerial and ground-sweeping arms - the incessant chopper and the invincible truck. 

Pillar's scout helicopter will be looking for players from above, with a floodlight and all, while the truck will get up close and intimate with anything the chopper spots. And judging by the swift dispatching of the poor sod at 1:18, you don't want that truck anywhere near you. 

PUBG players should know by now that Pillar's soldiers come in two tiers - Pillar Guards and Pillar Commanders, and it shouldn't take much guessing to know which one of them has the top-tier equipment. 

PUBG players who like living on the edge are probably loving the Emergency Parachutes, which are a new one-time item that could save your life in the urban jungle.

Naturally, if you're not keen on the PvE element, you can choose to stick to the rest of the maps, since Haven is currently the only map supporting PUBG's new direction. 

PUBG / Playerunknown's Battlegrounds by PUBG Corp and Bluehole

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