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PUBG has another crack at Desert Knights event on Xbox One

Published: 18:52, 28 September 2018
PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PUBG Corp have announced they'll be repeating the Desert Knights event on Xbox One this weekend, although it will feature several slight changes such as increased player count, group queueing with 8 man squads and a few other adjustments.

The company says they're aware that many players were left a bit disappointed with last week's Desert Knights event, which only allowed for solo queueing so they'll be amending that error this time around. The map remains the same though, so get set for more Miramar.

So, PUBG's second Desert Knights event will feature 8 man squads, with each player equipped with level three gear, a care package weapon, first aid kit, a random sidearm and 2 grenades. As usual, players who get their behinds handed to them will drop from respawn planes, which fly by every 30 seconds.

Points are earned via knockdowns and kills and the winning team is the one that either reaches 150 points or has the most points when the match ends. Each kill earns your team 3 points and you can check out the safe zone points on the image below.

PUBG Corp upped the number of players and instead of last week's 20, we're looking at 24 players in three 8 man squads. Note that incomplete squads will still be filled with other players. Also increased was the match length, which is up to 15 minutes compared to last week's 12.

The matches will exclusively feature sunrise weather and PUBG Corp wrote that red zones, care packages and friendly fire are disabled. The exact timing of the start and end of the Desert Knights event is as follows:

STARTS: Sep 27, 07:00PM PDT / Sep 28, 04:00AM CEST

ENDS: Sep 30, 07:00 PM PDT / Sep 31, 04:00AM CEST

PUBG Corp A map showing safe zones in PUBG's Desert Knights event PUBG, Desert Knights safe zones

PUBG Corp also announced that they're "planning to run the same events for 2-4 weekends at a time, while iterating and improving the event each week to reflect community feedback", so all you Xbox One PUBG players better get to playing or feedbacking.

You can find the Desert Knights announcement .

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