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PUBG Season 9 merch giveaway and instructions how to enter

Published: 20:35, 27 October 2020
Updated: 20:40, 27 October 2020
PUBG Season 9 giveaway merch
PUBG Season 9 giveaway merch

If you are looking for some sweet PUBG merch, look no further for the adorable Alpaca plushie will arrive to several lucky winners of this giveaway, along with other great goodies.

PUBG Season 9 has kicked off and if you're in a celebratory mood, it might just get better. We have three PUBG merch boxes full of themed physical goodies to give away and participating is fairly easy. 

There are three items in the PUBG swag box you can win:

  • PUBG Alpaca plush toy
  • PUBG poncho
  • PUBG pins

Unfortunately, the raffle is limited to Europe and it's probably not hard to see why given the whole situation with Covid-19. Besides that, there are no restrictions and you can participate in the giveaway.

In order to do get a chance at winning one of the three boxes from the giveaway, go to the embedded tweet and retweet it with #PUBGAlpaca comment. 

The contest went live from the moment this article was published, on October 27, 2020, and will go on for a week - until Tuesday, November 3. When the time is up, we will pick three winners at random, provided they retweeted with the correct comment.

Good luck to all participants!

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