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PUBG Season 7 recap - and official PUBG merch giveaway

Published: 19:43, 16 June 2020
Updated: 19:58, 16 June 2020
PUBG - Dinopark in new Vikendi
PUBG - Dinopark in new Vikendi

PUBG had a wild ride in Season 7, from the Vikendi map rework, over the bots and ranked later on to the announcement of new esports matches. We bundled the update recap with a Dinoland merch giveaway, valid for EU citizens.

PUBG's Season 7 has roughly one month left but it has already brought many changes that shook up both the community and the game. Some were great, like the massive rework of Vikendi but some were not that well-received, such as the addition of bots. 

Season 7 kicked off rather successfully for the game as it saw major growth in player count for the first time in four months. The reworked Vikendi came along with the Dinoland overhaul as well as the train lines that provided new ways to outplay the opponents. Players thought the game would finally take off and once again be among the stars, duking it out with Fortnite for the biggest battle royale around.

Then came patch 7.2. It was meant to make PUBG even better when it introduced Ranked mode that would allow players to measure up against their peers and quantify their growth. Despite the bots not being allowed in Ranked , a considerable portion of the player base still wanted to enjoy the regular modes with Red Zones without the bot action.

Update 7.3 , which is meant to go live on June 17, is once again bringing the good news. Esports enthusiast will get Esports tab, vehicles will become more durable and PCS is approaching. The tournament will feature a prize pool of $200,000 and see 16 teams scrapping for the biggest chunk. With it, PUBG Corporation is hoping to reverse some of the player losses since 7.2.  

As part of the 7.3 update festivities, AltChar has managed to secure a merchandise give-away for our readers - and the swag box looks pretty tasty.

Full box contents are:

  1. PUBG Season 7 T-Shirt
  2. PUBG Season 7 Plush dino toy, wearing the signature helmet
  3. PUBG Season 7 Cap
  4. PUBG Season 7 Gummy bears
  5. PUBG Season 7 Map
  6. PUBG Season 7 Toy money
  7. PUBG Season 7 Cup
  8. PUBG Season 7 Dinoland box

PUBG Corp PUBG Season 7 swag bag variations PUBG Season 7 swag bag variations

Unfortunately, the situation with Covid-19 dictates that only players within the European Union are eligible due to shipping difficulties. 

To enter the giveaway, simply follow us on Twitter and if you are not doing that already, like and retweet the tweet embedded below, which basically points back to this article. Very meta. We'll choose one of the followers that have liked and retweeted this at random.

The promotion will wrap up on June 23, 2020, at 23:59 GMT.

Good luck!

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