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PUBG Season 4 to improve Erangel visuals, add new Survivor Pass

Published: 14:05, 17 July 2019
PUBG, Season 4

PUBG Corp have announced Season 4 of PUBG, which brings updated Erangel visuals, matchmaking update, Survivor Pass, cooperative mission system and more. It's all in the PC Update 4.1, which is already live on the game's test servers.

So, PC players can check out PUBG's Season 4 feel on the Test Server, but console players will be getting the update later this summer.

For starters, not only is Erangel getting a visual update, it's received a story trailer as well, which you can check out above.

As for PUBG's Erangel update, the team wrote they wanted to bring their classic map in line with the latest ones, thanking those who helped them test it. You can check out the military base, mansion prison and other newly polished locations in the gallery below.

Erangel has also received trenches, abandoned tanks and even some barriers along the shore, which not have a sort of Normandy feel to them. Overall, grass density, colour saturation and brightness have all been dropped. 

"Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath reveals the past and present of Erangel through skins and items from the island's broad history. There are over 100 rewards to unlock by completing a variety of missions and leveling up your pass", the company wrote.

PUBG's Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath kicks off on 23 July and ends on 15 October 2019, so 12 weeks of carnage in total.

Also improved is the mission change system, and PUBG players can swap out up to 3 daily missions free of charge, whereas additional daily and weekly missions can be swapped using BP. Complete all three daily missions, and you get another set.

Weapon rate-of-fire will be less affected by FPS, which will also be more consistent at low frame rates.

PUBG Corp PUBG, Season 4
PUBG, Season 4

What you see on the first photo is the PUBG Nations Cup Pan, but that one will cost you $9.99. The turntable on the image above will play a single song and turn itself off, where all the players in the vicinity will hear it. You can destroy it though.

PUBG Corp also implemented a matchmaking system update, which makes "a number of improvements to allow players, and the system, to adapt to regionally specific needs", improvements to the user interfaces on the Wheel, Weapon Mastery, store, and Character Customize Tab, and a bunch more.

PUBG Corp PUBG, Season 4
PUBG, Season 4

Here's a list of immediate buffs and nerfs:


  •     Improved handling of RWD vehicles (Buggy, Mirado, Rony, Motorbike, Snowbike, Snowmobile, Scooter, Tukshai).
  •     Regular and three-seater motorbikes stabilization improved.
  •     Increased maximum speed of Scooter from 90 to 105 kph.
  •     Greatly improved handling of Buggy and Increased Buggy’s wheels durability by 50%.
  •     Increased max speed of Buggy from 92/115 to 100/125 kph (no boost/boost).
  •     Increased HP of UAZ from 900 to 1200.
  •     Increased HP of Tukshai from 500 to 1000 as well as increased max speed of Tukshai from 70 to 85.


  •     Decreased HP of Mirado from 1000 to 900.
  •     All motorbikes will now consume roughly 50% more fuel than before.
  •     Decreased acceleration and boost multiplier rate for Dacia. Maximum speed will stay the same.
  •     Dacia and Mirado vehicles speed will now be reduced by around 15% when driving on surfaces like sand, mud, grass, dirt.
  •     When driving on rocky surface with any vehicle, friction will be decreased by 10% making them more difficult to control.
  •     Introduced BRDM-2 specific vehicle damage modifiers per game mode.
  •         Increased damage taken in Solo mode by 80%.
  •         Increased damage taken in Duo mode by 40%.

You can find out more in PUBG's 4.1 .

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PUBG, Season 4

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