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PUBG patch 7.3 now live on PC, consoles soon

Published: 16:37, 17 June 2020
PUBG patch 7.3
PUBG patch 7.3

PC players can now enjoy the latest update in PUBG while console players will have to wait another week. It brings vehicle rebalance, a new throwable and more esports.

PUBG patch 7.3 is bringing a vehicle rebalance that should make them more durable and as such safer to drive around. Mere bullets can still destroy a vehicle but it will no longer explode immediately. When its HP reaches zero, the engine will be set on fire and players will have five seconds to escape the blast.

To counter the newfound resilience of those who like driving around, a new throwable is introduced. C4 has some unique properties since it can't be thrown as far as a grenade but has a 25-metre effective radius. The kill radius is 15 metres though, but it works on all players around, even if they are in cover. Furthermore, it will beep around for 16 seconds before detonating so there is a window of opportunity to escape the blast.

You can check out the full patch 7.3 notes on the official website as well as more details on how the C4 will perform.

As for the esports part that PUBG is getting, PCS 1 is kicking off on June 25. PC players can purchase PCS 1 items and receive voting coupons while the same option will become available on June 23 for console players.

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Grand finals will happen on June 27 and 28 as well as July 4 and 5. In case you missed the group stage for PCS 1 Europe, you can check out the official recaps for the first three days and the second half of the groups .

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