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Tencent's PUBG Mobile exceeds 10 million daily active users

Published: 13:51, 18 May 2018
Tencent Games
Image celebrating the milestone of 10 million users in PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile

It seems like PUBG Mobile is going the way of its big PC and Xbox One brother PUBG, with Tencent and PUBG Corp revealing the game has hit 10 million daily active users around the globe. As is usual for these stats, China is not included.

Adding Chinese numbers to the fray would skewer PUBG Mobile's stats somewhat seriously and besides, the Chinese market actually has two PUBG mobile games. Our western iteration is basically a tweaked version of one of them. 

The devs celebrated the milestone in a tweet, where they thanked their supporters with a celebratory image. The game, as you probably know, is free and is well worth trying, especially because it seems to be handled better than its PC and Xbox counterpart.

PUBG Mobile has had quite a start to its career, on the App Store less than a week after it launched in Canada on 15 March 2018. The US launch followed a few days later and the rest is already history. 

As a testament of Tencent's work on PUBG Mobile, the game's introduced the desert map "Miramar" more than a week before it's set to hit Xbox One. Could it be that the PUB Mobile team is simply trying harder ?

Patch 0.5.0 added progress missions, local quick team play, co-op play boosts and even a new store, which now lets you buy exact items instead of relying on luck and prayer. There's also the Secret Stash, which is basically a marketplace with discounted limited time offers.

Tencent even played it smart when facing the problem of people using emulators on the PC to frag them mobile noobs, making their PUBG Mobile emulator for the PC available and locking emu players to play with their kind. You've got to admit - that's a pretty clever way to handle a problem without losing population.

Tencent Games Screenshot from PUBG Mobile with highlighted shirt costing $25 PUBG Mobile

Unfortunately, PUBG Mobile's daily active users doesn't seem to translate to revenue, at least not as well as Fortnite, which is currently only available on iOS. In fact, Fortnite's sole mobile offering PUBG's combined mobile performance so if Greene is keen on more green, it might be time to take some epic tips, no?

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