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PUBG Labs: Faction Warmode now live with 8 person party option enabled

Published: 10:08, 04 September 2020
PUBG Corporation
PUBG Labs - Faction Warmode promo image
PUBG Labs - Faction Warmode

PUBG's Faction Warmode is now live in Labs. The mode offers the players a chance to form their own 8 person party, pick a spawn kit and drop into a game on Sanhok.

Faction Warmode is now live on PUBG Labs with a small twist: you are able to form your own 8 person party before entering.

Faction Warmode is a team vs team (8v8) match that takes place on Sanhok. When your party spawns, you're able to choose from one of several different "Spawn Kits" each with its own load-out. From there, it's a matter of scoring as many points as you can, within the confines of a small safe zone.

Faction Warmode Schedule

  • Friday, September 4 00:01 (PST) - Monday, September 7 00:00 (PST)


  • 8 person squads, 8 vs 8 combat
  • Invite players to form your squad of 8. Matchmaking will automatically fill any missing slots.
  • TPP / FPP

Spawn kits

  • Assault – M416 (red dot), R1895, Level 1 Vest/Helmet, ammo, bandages.
  • Medic – UMP (red dot), Sawed-off, Level 3 Vest/Helmet, ammo, First Aid Kit, Med Kit, Painkillers, Adrenaline Syringe, Critical Response Kit which allows the player to revive a downed teammate much faster.
  • Support – S12K (red dot), Skorpion, Level 2 Vest/Helmet, ammo, Frag Grenade, Bandages.
  • Scout – Kar98K (4x Scope), P18C, Level 1 Vest/Helmet, Ghillie Suit, ammo, Bandages.

PUBG Corporation PUBG - Faction Warmode rules PUBG - Faction Warmode rules


  • Faction Warmode takes place on Sanhok during different weather types.
  • Each match takes place in a small Safe Zone surrounded by a static Blue Zone.
  • No Red Zone.
  • No world spawn items. no vehicles, or Flare Guns and Care Packages.
  • No Deathcam.
  • Respawn from the plane upon death.

Win Conditions

  • The team that reaches 200 points first wins the chicken pot roast.
  • When the 15-minute timer reaches 0, the team with more points wins.
    • Points are granted by the conditions:
      • Kill an enemy player: +3 points
      • Down an enemy player: +1 point
      • Revive a teammate: +1 point
      • Down or kill a teammate: -5 points
      • Killed by your own grenade or falling: -5 points

Faction Warmode will not allow players to earn BP or Survivor Pass XP. Survivor Pass missions will also be unavailable. The team-up feature after the game is disabled.

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