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PUBG hotfix rolls back blood VFX, addresses hitching and stuttering

Published: 08:24, 09 April 2020
PUBG Corporation
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Prompted by recent hitching and stuttering issues that plagued PUBG, PUBG Corp deployed a hotfix that aims to improve performance, resolve some clipping issues and rolls back the blood visual effects.

The hotfix was already applied along with regular maintenance and is dated today, 9 April. If you happen to see this info in the next patch notes, you should know it's intentional, as PUBG Corp said they want it to reach as many players as possible.  

First up on the menu are PUBG's performance issues, specifically the instances of hitching during gameplay. The hotfix "greatly reduced" this and the dev team will keep an eye out for additional improvements. 

It turns out that vaulting and ledge grab could be exploited to clip through walls, which the hotfix should reduce too. According to PUBG Corp, it can still be performed "in some uncommon situations", which they hope to stomp out in the near future. 

If you were enjoying the updated blood effects, you should know it wasn't as great for all PUBG players, and the feature is out until further notice.

"We have confirmed an issue with game stability from the updated blood effect features. While we’re happy with the blood effect changes, providing smooth and stable gameplay is our number one priority. Therefore, we’ve made the hard decision to roll back the blood effects to the old effects from before Patch 5.3", they wrote. 

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As the ongoing pandemic continues to drive social isolation, PUBG has enjoyed a boost in numbers as well, which probably didn't help with the hitching. According to Steam Charts, PUBG is back to peak player numbers from March 2019.

You can find the hotfix patch notes here

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