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PUBG streamer Shroud and Wadu had some fun with a hacker

Published: 14:06, 09 July 2018
Player is walking towards a bike while looking at the sunset in PUBG

PUBG's notorious hacker problem still persists and at this point it seems to have damaged the game irreparably. The boiling point is seemingly reached, as even respected streamers such as Shroud and Wadu just gave up and played with them.

One might argue that the recent temporary suspension of ping based matchmaking allowed Chinese hackers to once again invade North America, and this is partially true. Then again, the hacker caught on Shroud's stream spoke fluent English. You might be wondering now why on Earth would Shroud and Wadu be on friendly terms with hackers or why are they giving them free publicity.

As it turns out, the video above is Shroud's third run in with the flying car wizard hacker, who previously killed him twice. You can see at the beginning of the video that Shroud starts to slightly panic as he hears the van's horn, saying "not again" repeatedly.

Apparently, the hacker took player feedback more seriously than Bluehole did, and opted not to run him over with a flying car. Then the hilarity ensued as he first flew off to bring Shroud items from an air drop and then took him for a joyride through Sanhok's skies, along with Wadu.

Technically, this means Bluehole can ban or even sue Shroud for collaborating with and promoting cheaters. It would by no means be fair as it is them who failed to deal with the cheater problem in the first place, and it got so severe that Shroud got repeatedly killed during the same stream session by an incredibly obvious hacker.

If they do choose to pursue some sort of punishment for Shroud, it will probably be another nail in PUBG's coffin, following Bluehole's failed lawsuit against Epic Games.

Shroud also came dangerously close to becoming an advertising platform for the hack, as the hacker in the video started talking to him about the exploit, eventually claiming he is selling it. Shroud managed to interrupt him just before he completed the somewhat incidental advert. You can see it in the first video at 8:47. 

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