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PUBG Global Series cancelled, replaced with online Continental Series

Published: 01:22, 19 April 2020
PUBG - Season 5
PUBG - Season 5

PUBG Corporation have announced that PUBG Global Series will be cancelled in order to adhere to physical distancing guidelines, but the event will be replaced by an online competition PUBG Continental Series.

"Since February 2020, when the decision was made to indefinitely postpone the first chapter of PGS 2020, PGS Berlin, we've worked to find a solution that's healthy and safe for fans, staff, and players around the world. The first conclusion: it is difficult to host live tournament events due to COVID-19 concerns, and we therefore must cancel the three PGS events including the Berlin stop", they wrote. 

PUBG Corp also mentioned that the participants of the 2020 campaign will not be left high and dry, as they deserve recognition as well as compensation. 

So, each of the 31 teams that qualified for PGS Berlin will instead be awarded with $20,000, and the same goes for the top five teams from PUBG Champions League. 

Teams from the Americas region will have the $120,000, which was intended for the top six seeds, evenly distributed between the 16 teams that reached the qualifier. 

At the same time, PUBG Corp announced the PUBG Continental Series, which will implement an online regional tournament structure.

A series of online events will be held in May, June and August across Asia, Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. The company is promising $2,400,000 worth of rewards across all of the events, so clearly not peanuts.

PUBG Corp PUBG, PGS Berlin Qualifiers chart PUBG, PGS Berlin Qualifiers

In May, PUBG Corp are planning on the PCS Charity Showdown, regional charity invitational events where the winnings will match the funds donated to charity. 

PUBG are likely to have more news on future events, but that is likely to depend on the ongoing health situation. 

You can find the announcement here

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