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PUBG Corp announces Erangel-centric War Mode: Dodgebomb

Published: 10:43, 09 August 2018
A man in aviator cap throwing grenades in PUBG's mode Dodgebomb
PUBG, Dodgebomb

PUBG Corp have decided to up the badaboom factor in PUBG by announcing a war mode event called Dodgebomb. As you can deduce from the name itself, it's a very grenade-happy mode that will take place on Erangel and last about three days.

As the company explained in their Steam post, three 10 person teams will be hot dropping into Erangel for some team based carnage with a twist. Players will carry 20 frag grenades, a molotov, level 3 gear "and of course a frying pan".

Note that there will be no knockdowns - dropping below 0 percent energy means you've just been fragged, with no possibility to be patched up by teammates. However, being a War Mode and all, you'll be able to respawn from the planes that are flying by every 30 seconds. 

Basically, it's one huge frag-a-palooza that is more reminiscent of old school shooter type of gaming, than PUBG's hybrid-survival methodology. What it will hopefully do is at least provide a much welcome break from the sneak-for-an-hour-to-get-sniped-in-an-instant gameplayTM.

The mode is point based, where every elimination earns your team 3 points. The first team that reaches 100 is the winner but nn case no team reaches 100 points in the allotted time, PUBG's Dodgebomb winner is the team with most points.

PUBG Corp listed the rules as saying that auto-matching is on and that "no weapons or vehicles spawn in the world". Weather will be sunny on Erangel over the course of Dodgebomb. Red zones will be disabled and the same goes for killer spectating, care packages and friendly fire.

The event starts on 09 August, 7pm PST, which in European and Korean terms is 10 August, 4am CEST and 11am KST, respectively. Dodgebomb ends on 12 August, 7pm PST, which is 13 August, 4am for CEST and 11am for KST.

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On a related note, PUBG Corp have recently opened a , dedicated to listing all the failed promises and putting them in timeframes meant to appease the players and hopefully prevent them from complaining, when they should really be buying more skins.

You can find the official Dodgebomb announcement on PUBG's Steam page .

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