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PUBG gets Sanhok 4 lore video, hints at organisation behind Battlegrounds

Published: 14:19, 20 July 2020
PUBG - Sanhok 4 files
PUBG - Sanhok 4 files

PUBG Corp released a new video that touches on the lore of the popular battle royale, hinting that not everyone is exactly compliant when they get into the murder fields.

Battle royale genre is pretty straightforward. The individual or the squad that remains alive after killing everyone else is victorious. However, PUBG's latest lore drop shows a different outcome, one which is currently not possible in the game.

The video itself shows a group of five people observing a battle royale in progress and they appear to be the ones running the show. However, it is soon made apparent that they are merely employed by the shadowy figure behind the whole deal.

Everything is running smoothly for the operators until a squad of four rogue battle royale participants go missing. First, it's their trackers that stop working and then their position is lost. By the time the team figures out where the Sanhok 4 are going, it is already too late and they breach the hidden bunker.

It remains to be seen what exact significance the Sanhok 4 will have in the upcoming season but the bunker will possibly become a new location. Furthermore, it's possible that a new mechanic will be introduced, one which would allow players to go rogue, similar to the team in the video. Then again, it might be possible that players will be tasked to eliminate the squad in an event.

As for the team themselves, their slightly redacted files can be seen on the official Sanhok 4 page but here is a quick rundown:

  • Duncan Slade - Former military, has strong leadership skills
  • Pavel "Lunchmeat" Dvorak - An extremely aggressive individual that prefers melee over firearms
  • Jule Skels - A serial killer with sociopathic traits
  • Madison Malhotra - Former arms dealer that smuggled incendiary weapons to Karakin

As for the shady figure who is the boss of the team overseeing the battlegrounds, it is likely the same person from whose perspective we witnessed the first lore video, seen below.

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