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PUBG Corp finally addresses PUBG performance, emotes reported as quirky

Published: 20:32, 14 March 2018
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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PUBG Corp may have boasted the latest patch for emotes, player lobbies and other equally unimportant features, but it seems like the company has finally addressed performance issues that have plagued PUBG pretty much from the get go.

Well, sort of, seeing as how PUBG developers already started with apologies for ongoing and last week's issues. Apparently, PUBG Corp's been working as fast as possible, but "sometimes when you move fast, you break things." 

AltChar A view of ancient ruins from the game PUBG PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: Anybody home?

As you probably already know, yesterday for PC, although the initial outcry suggested we're in for more of PUBG Corp's treatment. And by PUBG Corp's treatment, we mean not fixing sub par performance and cheating, all the while delivering more cosmetics. 

To be fair, PUBG Corp did mention client and server side performance improvements, but we've learned by now that any PUBG related promise is to be taken with a grain of salt, so we instead checked by ourselves.

AltChar Several glaciers rising above a lake in a crimson sunset Two grains of salt to be taken PUBG promises

Note however that our PUBG testing was not scientific per se, so we're not going to bombard you with dry numbers. Instead, we measured PUBG performance by our frustration factor, and it seems to have improved noticeably, Performance, we mean.

We played PUBG somewhere upwards of 3 hours and suffered virtually no FPS drops or rubber-banding. Our GTX 1060 churned away happily at 120-140 FPS and it may just be that we've had our smoothest session as of yet. Moreover, this seems to be in line with that servers have reported up to 30 per cent less network issues.

PUBG Corp Screenshot of the new jungle map for PUBG, apparently set in Asia. PUBG - New map appears to have rice fields in the middle of it.

Over the course of our PUBG session, we had no doors slamming in our face after opening them and no random teleportation out of the house, so the Poltergeist bug has been spirited away. There were no flying vehicles, although we must admit we may occasionally miss those. I mean, seriously, it's the PUBG Wright brothers.

PUBG finally granted us the divine privilege of aiming down sights without it forcing our computer into a backflip while singing Macarena. And, it's only taken one year.

YouTube A person on a village road with a selector circle above his head PUBG Emotes. So we can cry for real.

To be perfectly honest, we didn't expect PUBG's emotes to be anything special, but we expected them to work without quirks before we rip into it. However, with the feature exhibiting a strong tendency for growth in the unimportance sector, does anyone really care?

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