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PUBG's Extra Life weekend to raise money for children’s hospitals

Published: 09:25, 26 October 2020
PUBG Corporation
PUBG - Extra Life fundraiser event
PUBG - Extra Life fundraiser event

PUBG Change for Good will host its first PUBG Extra Life Weekend on November 7-8. Players can join the PUBG team and help raise money for a noble cause.

PUBG Change for Good will host its inaugural PUBG Extra Life Weekend on November 7 and November 8. Interested players can hop into the PUBG team and help raise money for a good cause.

The weekend fundraiser will correspond with Extra Life’s Game Day on November 7. This charity event rounds up gamers from far and wide to help raise money for children.

The premise: play games, raise money and feel good knowing that money is going to a vital cause.

This year's goal is raising $20,000. The stream schedule will include a lineup of PUBG Partners who cannot wait to put a dent in the fundraising goal. By watching participating streams, you’ll get to savour all the PUBG fun, make donations, and get a chance to get some prizes. 

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How to participate

Join Team PUBG.

To join the team, visit the fundraising page . To donate, visit the donation page .

Watch and score some loot

There will be a live stream alongside PUBG Partners on November 7-8. Twitch Drops will be enabled on PUBG’s Twitch stream, in addition to participating PUBG Partners live streams. 

Viewers who watch 45 minutes of a participating Twitch stream will be awarded a PC and/or Console Luna Piena Crate (one crate per day for each platform). Go here for more information.

PUBG Corporation PUBG - Special loot PUBG - Special loot


The donations are tax-deductible and will go towards the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. You can donate by clicking the corresponding link on the page .


Donations aren't possible for everyone, but you can still help by amplifying the message using #PUBGExtraLife and linking to the donation page on social media.

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