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PUBG Corp announces PUBG Europe League kickoff in March

Published: 15:31, 05 March 2019
PUBG Europe League introduction poster
PUBG Europe League

PUBG Corp have announced that PUBG Europe League (PEL) kicks off on 21 March 2019, and will be divided in three divisions - PEL, which houses creme of the crop teams, PEL Contenders, another 32 teams and PEL Open for those who want to join.

Six teams have been directly invited to the PEL Phase 1, which PUBG Corp claim is the reward "for their insane performance on past PUBG tournaments", while another ten teams made it through the PEL LAN Qualifiers.

As you can see for yourself, the first phase will last three weeks, with 5 games each day, although PUBG Corp's schedule is much relaxed from then onwards. 

Namely, Phase 2 and 3 of PEL will take place over 8 gaming weeks instead of just three.

"Teams in Phase 2 and Phase 3 will be competing for PEL points to help them secure a slot to international tournaments, held at the end of each Phase. The best teams, based on the results of all 3 phases, will then be competing at the Global Championship", PUBG Corp wrote. 

The company also went into detail on PEL's relegation system, insisting that due to the short nature of Phase 1, no one leaves or joins PEL after the phase, with rules of promotion and relegation applying once Phase 2 has kicked off. 

Additionally, 4 worst ranked teams in the latter two phases will still get a chance to qualify by mandatory participation in PEL Promo, which will pit them against 12 best PEL Contenders teams. Four best teams here will proceed to PEL's next face, with the rest going back to the PEL Contenders division. 

As for the part most readers are interested in - PEL comes with a combined prize pool of €1 million, which covers annual prizes for PEL and Contenders League.

PUBG Corp PUBG Europe League 2019 schedule PUBG Europe League 2019 schedule

The tournament is likely to get some serious Twitch coverage so if you're a fan of competitive PUBG - remember to tune in on 21 March.

You can find out more on PUBG Corp's official announcement of PUBG Europe League, including a detailed list with participating teams.

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